Gin to its perfection

"The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen's lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire."

Winston Churchill

About us

The idea for Churchill’s gin was born in Wevelgem, a city in West Flanders, when two cigar connoisseurs wondered what tobacco would taste like in a liquid form. This was the start of a wonderful journey. They both travelled the world in search of the best tobacco’s in the world. Their aim was discovering the ideal combination between tobacco and other worldly flavors. After months of tasting and combining the ideal combination was found. A combination that unites all parts of the world, so to speak. The result is an exceptional gin that reveals a subtle recognition of tobacco with a hint of vanilla. Besides that you’ll discover a touch of tangerine and almond. Churchill’s gin distinguishes itself in the world of gins, accessible to everyone in search of a challenge and open to innovation. Your taste buds will be indulged like never before. Discover and enjoy this gin that was produced with care and that stands for top quality. To ensure this, every bottle is filled by hand! Respect for craftsmanship makes that this gin blends perfectly with contemporary flavors. Churchill’s gin briefly summarized: “ Gin to its perfection”.

Do you prefer your Churchill's gin sweet and round?

Combined with elderflower tonic it will fulfill your wish.

For those who want a full aroma:

choose Mediterranean tonic with your Churchill's gin.

In search of a sour and special taste, in search of character?

Combine your Churchill's gin with a premium Indian tonic water and release your inner connoisseur.


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